Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm in love with Georgia Heard's writing...

Georgia Heard tells us in Writing Toward Home to "Fall in Love at Least Three Times a Day."  She enumerates all the wonderful things in the world you could fall in love with including stars, birds, music, flowers, and....well, you get the idea.

So what are the things with which you fall in love?

Falling in Love Every Day

I’m in love-
With warm bubble baths on a frosty day,
with hot chocolate in an oversized mug,
I’m in love with cuddling with my little dog,
in my favorite reading chair,
a book on my lap where I can lose myself
for just a little while under my grandmother’s
scrap quilt I escape to faraway places. 
I’m in love with a colorful jigsaw
puzzle spread across my dining room table
and a good movie flickering across my tv screen,
savory soup wafting throughout the house.

I’m in love –
With Spring’s pink buds on the dogwood trees,
the baby birds chirping in the nests of our
Pink crape myrtles.
With soft rains that bathe the earth and
leave sparkling puddles for stomping
and mud for squishing between my toes.
I’m in love with daffodils and tulips and the
Cool pastels that tease us with the
anticipation of summer’s bold colors.

I’m in love –
With summer’s dragonfly days
where basil breezes
lift my curtains
and sunshine spills across
the freshly picked tomatoes
lining my window sill. 
With firefly nights where children
Run through the cool rubbery grass
and play hide and seek while their
Parents sit on their porches with
Tall glasses of iced tea.

I’m in love -
With the cooling breezes
Of golden Autumn days and the invasion
of pumpkins and witches that fill the
spaces of the store shelves and windows
with toothless smiles and the promise of harmless fun.
I’m in love spicy scents that permeate
the bakery section of the grocery store
and the shiny red apples
that fill the bowl on my kitchen counter top.

I’m in love -
With the words that fill my notebook pages
Throughout the year, the careful drawings
That fill my sketchbooks and the watercolors
That splash across their pages.
I’m in love with books that line my shelves
And peek out from under my bed.
I’m in love with learning,
with the challenge of technology,
the ease of friendships, old and new,
I’m in love with interesting conversations
and friendly debates. 
I’m in love with my family,  my colleagues,
And the students I taught…
With memories of long ago
And plans for the future.

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