Sunday, December 11, 2011

Squirrels in the Fairy Fort

I walked through the sun room (that spot of sun that falls on my kitchen floor in the fantasy sun room) and opened the back door for Jack. I saw a squirrel scramble from the fairy fort to the large oak at the back fence. Jack saw him as well and took chase. The squirrel is now sitting in the top of the tree chattering away.

It has been months since I posted here. I still struggle with finding time and space in my life. What are the squirrels that interfere with my creativity, pick up the seeds and run away with them? Procrastination and my tendency to be a perfectionist? I promise myself in the new year to find time for creativity, to chase away the squirrels who feed on the acorns that slip through my fingers in the fairy fort.

I am de-cluttering books today and cleaning closets and to make room for my art supplies. Weeding in the fairy fort. Letting go is not easy for me. Just maybe the fairies will help.

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